Counting, Butt Fights, and Sake Bombs

A conversation had with friends recently. Brianna: You guys just graduated then? Billy: In May, yeah. Brianna: So what’s next? Elliott: We’re actually going to be doing some traveling for a year, or for as long as our money will last. Brianna: Where are you going first? Billy: We’re leaving

On the Term “Loomings”

On the side tab of this website there is a title that says “Places,” and underneath it I plan on providing quick links to all the posts from the various places I visit. As I have not started traveling yet, all these posts are under the category “Loomings,” which takes

Twenty-Eight Days

  And so it was that I hopped in my car to rescue my friend Ellery from the side of the road. It’s a sunny afternoon here in Connecticut, so I rolled the down the windows and played some mellow music, driving past sleepy fields and sloping hills. After the

A Word on Packing

One of the most common questions I get asked about the trip is “how are you going to pack for that??” Since we are going to be in so many different places over the course of a year, packing does seem like a stressful decision making process, but I’m really

Thirty Days

In my room I have a whiteboard where I jot down notes or ideas when I’m working. At the moment the whiteboard has been consumed with my crappily drawn hiragana characters. Billy came over yesterday to do more planning for the trip, and upon seeing the whiteboard the following conversation

Thirty-Two Days

We’re thirty-two days away from our departure date of August 19th. That seems like plenty of time, but the reality is that thirty-two days is not much time at all. We have thirty-two days in which to try and become as prepared as possible for this year-long (or as long

A Little about Workaway

I should explain a little bit about what I’m doing. I, along with my friend Billy, will be traveling around the world for a year using a program called Workaway. I call it a program, but it’s really more of a facilitator. Workaway is a website where both hosts and

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