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Goodbye Japan

Elliott. In the future when people ask me “What’s Japan like?” I’m not sure how I’ll answer them. Billy. I’ve thought about that too. When people ask me I’m just going to say “I have no idea how to answer that question.”  Elliott. Right? The question is ridiculous in and


Can you even say you’ve been to Japan if you never got drunk at a karaoke bar? I don’t think so, and so on the eve of our last night in Beppu we set out to get wasted and sing crappy pop songs. Ever the innovative nation, the izakayas and

Three French Hens

It’s strange when people from other countries perpetuate American stereotypes. A few days ago, three middle-aged French women moved into the hostel. They are on vacation, enjoying the many onsens Beppu has to offer. They are also loud, and one in particular, let’s say she hasn’t been skipping any meals,


At CoCo’s curry, you get to decide how spicy you want your food to be. Mari claims to love spicy food, and so she recommends we all get level four spice.  Elliott. Is level four really spicy? Mari. No not really. It’s like a good spicy.  Billy. If you think


I want to start a journal of just quotes from Billy. I forget the circumstances, but the other day we were chatting and he asked “Did you feel your bed moving last night?” I said I hadn’t, and he replied, “Good, because I was doing a shadow puppet show to

Host Clubs

On the way to dinner the other night we passed by some peculiar businesses. Luckily, Mari was able to alleviate my confusion.  Elliott. What are all these shops? And why do they have women in skimpy school girl outfits out in front of them?  Mari. They aren’t stores, they’re host


We clean rooms and make the beds when guests leave. The more guests checking out, the more beds and rooms we have to clean. There is no consistency to guests coming and going, so sometimes there’s little cleaning, and sometimes there’s a bunch that needs to be done.  The other

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