A Night in L.A.

Doug. So do you remember the last time you were in this car Billy? Billy. I don’t remember a lot from that week. Let’s just hope this doesn’t come full-circle. Doug is of course referring to Billy’s last stay in L.A., wherein Billy, being too intoxicated, spent an evening meant

The Santa Monica Pier

In many ways the Santa Monica pier feels like the end of America. One of the few remaining piers left on the California coast, it features a road sign that reads “End of Route 66,” under which tourists pose for photos. It feels like the desperate end; the country’s last


All day I’ve been trying to remember an old folksy saying about expectation. “Expectation is the mother of …” something. I can’t remember what. Maybe I’m mixing sayings up. Maybe it doesn’t go “expectation is the mother of …” but is rather “disappointment is the mother of …” Maybe expectation

Ten Days

A conversation had recently with a friend. Kendyl. Where do you think you’ll be when world war three breaks out? Elliott. Hopefully Thailand. I feel like no one is interested in nuking or invading Thailand. Kendyl. Unless they’re looking for the motherload of sticky rice and ancient Buddhist paraphernalia. Other

Eighteen Days

Driving back to Billy’s house at nine o’clock at night. Billy. It comes and goes in waves. Getting the vaccines, that was a wave. But now, I’m not really thinking about it all. Buying travel insurance, getting the visa for India sorted out, getting more shirts, all that stuff will

Pool Party Fun

When cats inevitably find themselves parked in boxes, humans react with gleeful bewilderment. Gleeful because the image of a fat cat spilling over the sides of a too-small box is naturally hilarious, and bewilderment because we ask ourselves “What is it in a cat’s brain that tells it to sit

Various Dangers of the Wide World

The other day Billy and I got our travel vaccines done. Here are a few choice lines of dialogue I can recall from the appointment. Dr. So you guys are going to be in India? Billy. Yes. The plan is five weeks in India. Dr. And where will you guys

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