The only familiarity I can claim with the Indian holiday of Diwali is what I learned from that episode of The Office, wherein Michael Scott mistakes it to be the Hindu equivalent of Halloween.  Now that I have been in India for Diwali I can tell you that it is


Our host is constructing a pond in his organic garden. I have no experience in pond construction, but when your host asks for help, you oblige him or her. All Billy and I had to do was help the other workers move stones into the ditch. I’ve moved stones before,

The Tuesday Market

Our host took us to a local open-air market that occurs every Tuesday. I thought I might have a sense of what this market would be like, having spent some time in the open air market in Chiang Mai. The market here was much smaller than the one in Chiang


I never considered the power of my own hair until I was shaving it all away.  It is so much easier maintaining a shaved head than a full head of hair, and I need to take all the easy shortcuts I can if I’m going to try and make a

Intro to India

I was reluctant to agree to India. I think Billy has always wanted to visit India, but it’s never really been on my list, so he had to talk me into it. I didn’t take much convincing, however, because even though I never planned on going to India, I knew

Last Smoothie of the Night: Goodbye Thailand

Billy. Remember landing here in Thailand? Remember being driven to the Airbnb through what looked like dilapidated streets where stray dogs roamed free?  Elliott. I remember. I remember thinking that we were really in for it. Billy. Look at us now though: walking down the street at night sipping smoothies,

Foreigner Anxiety 

Conversation overheard at a bar. I didn’t catch the names, so I’ve just made them up. Harold. Is this your first time in Chiang Mai?  Caroline. No. This would be my fourth time visiting here. May as well move here right?  Harold. I guess so. This is my first time

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